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Folks, don’t forget to check in this coming week for an interview with an intrepid researcher/restorer that snagged me some great How To tips. In fact, there are so many, I’m splitting it up into two posts. Look for the first one on Tuesday and the second on Thursday.

The first will cover how to research faded or illegible names on headstones. These are hints that are so obvious, all the historians out there will probably say, “well, duh!’ And while the focus is specifically for Civil War veterans, the hints are also helpful for any kind of name search.

The second article offers hints on how to get a replacement veteran’s headstone from the VA when you don’t have the family’s permission. Nope, it’s not always easy, but it’s still do-able.

See you on Tuesday!


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Sharing Saturday: How family feuds impact genealogy searches

Today’s post from the Moore Genealogy blog, focuses on an all-too familiar problem in families–the family feud and how it can impact a genealogical search. Not only is it a post definitely worth reading, but it’s also a potent reminder to talk to anyone and everyone you can in your family to see what information you can glean. Even casual conversations can yield unexpected results.

Family Feuds Or The Spice of Genealogy

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Old surfers never die…

Forever surfing

They just get board.

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Memory Eternal

Oh Lord, Save

This wooden marker is also located in the Soquel Cemetery in Soquel, CA. The carving is in Russian and is pronounced, Gospodi Xranii, and means Oh Lord protect.

Russian Orthodox funerals are possibly the most achingly beautiful and comforting services one could ever wish to attend. Below is a sample of a cappella funeral music from the Memory Eternal (Vechnaya pamyat) piece that is typically the last part of the service.  Makes the hair stand up on my neck every time I hear it.

If you like a cappella, turn up the volume toward the end to really get an appreciation of the tremendous power exhibited by the bass section.

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What will survive of us is love


An imaginative headstone for Alan Robert Selfridge, located in Soquel Cemetery, Soquel, CA.  The saying on the marker is “What will survive us is love.”

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Sharing Saturday: The Chinese in Sonora

Today’s post comes from the Sonoran Jackrabbit who focuses on cemeteries and markers throughout Southern Arizona. While the site doesn’t look like it’s been updated in a while, there are still some photos and essays on it that are worth browsing through.

Here’s a fascinating one on the Chinese section of Globe Cemetery in Gila County, Arizona.

“The number of Chinese in Arizona never attained the numbers that immigrated to California so they lived in very small groups and did not become large societies with a cultural support systems. So the small faction of Chinese in a small town like Globe were productive, industrious workers or shop keepers that learned to blend in and remain low key.”

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A lily for Lily

A lily for Lily

According to the Headstones Symbols: Understanding Cemetery Symbolism site, “Lily means chastity, innocence and purity. A favored funeral flower of the Victorians. Joseph is often depicted holding a lily branch to indicate that his wife Mary was a virgin. In tradition, the first lily sprang forth from the repentant tears of Eve as she went forth from Paradise. The use of lilies at funerals symbolizes the restored innocence of the soul at death.” 

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