The idea for the Beyond the Ghosts….blog originally sprang out of a visit to some historical cemeteries in the Pacific Northwest. A couple of grant awards later, this was born.

My posts run the gamut from a pioneer cemetery presentation, the real Titanic’s Jack Dawson’s grave, the catacombs of Rome, old family cemeteries in the Northeast and even a mountaineer’s cemetery near Aconcagua.

There are so many interesting items that it’s impossible to list them all. Scroll through them on the Archives list, find your favorite, and feel free to share via Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc..

If you have any restoration ideas to pass along or would like to share an interesting (non-horror, please!) story about a particular historical cemetery, post a comment on this page or send me a message through the BTG Facebook page.  You can also follow me on Twitter @GwynnethEAnders.

Please also feel free to leave comments. I’m always pleasantly surprised at just how many history and genealogy buffs are out there.

Most of all, I hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I enjoyed researching them. I’ve realized that historic cemeteries are so old, they’ve stopped being cemeteries and instead, have morphed into living history museums.  Besides, who wouldn’t be able to stop and marvel at some of the sheer artistry of some of these creations?

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  1. Brightiz

    I’m looking for more information on the Woodland/Greenwood Cemetery 1891 to 1907. The inhabitants were supposedly moved to the Crown Hill Cemetery. Please contact me if you have any information. Thanks

  2. There has been a ton of information about the Duwamish/earliest settler cemetery in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood. Most of it has been false, put out by the City of Seattle and King County to prevent its restoration.

    -Yes there is a graveyard on Graham and 23rd. (The City has denied this historical fact even though “historical cemetery” is marked on the sewer trenching blueprints)

    -Yes move then twenty groups have tried to restore this Native Nation, historically protected, earliest setter cemetery. I saw the necessity, finished a Masters at SU on restoring this cemetery, and wouldn’t give up.

    -Yes there is half of the graveyard devoted to the earliest settlers’ babies now with eleven houses. (Both the City and County deny this even when confronted with a photo showing the baby grave markers)

    -Yes the City of Seattle, not a homeless derelict, bulldozed all the grave markers on November 2, 1987. (The City denies this even when shown the daily engineering report during their trenching activities to put a sewer main through the graves)

    -Yes you might go to
    http://WorldPerc.com/comet for complete transcripts of its history

    I remain sincerely yours,
    John Dickinson

  3. John M. Leggett

    3’20/15 Read more of this post… is broken

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