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No posts today and Wednesday :(

Apologies, folks, but there will be no posts today or Wednesday thanks to an unexpected backlog of work on my desk. The BTG Facebook page is still in full swing, though, and I will have something for you on Friday and for Saturday.

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Just a reminder…


Folks, don’t forget to check in this coming week for an interview with an intrepid researcher/restorer that snagged me some great How To tips. In fact, there are so many, I’m splitting it up into two posts. Look for the first one on Tuesday and the second on Thursday.

The first will cover how to research faded or illegible names on headstones. These are hints that are so obvious, all the historians out there will probably say, “well, duh!’ And while the focus is specifically for Civil War veterans, the hints are also helpful for any kind of name search.

The second article offers hints on how to get a replacement veteran’s headstone from the VA when you don’t have the family’s permission. Nope, it’s not always easy, but it’s still do-able.

See you on Tuesday!


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Pushing up some daisies


I’m willing to bet there are a large number of BTG readers out there who are THOROUGHLY sick of winter’s cold weather, ice, snow, dripping clothes, and even drippier noses.

I’m also willing to bet there are a significant number of you who are seriously wondering whether you’ll ever see green grass again. So in the spirit of all that’s good about flowers and cemeteries pushing up daisies in the spring, here’s a little something that will hopefully speed the arrival of warmer weather to where you live.

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December posts

Neptune Columbarium

Continuing in the spirit of the upcoming holidays, BTG ‘s going to celebrate by mixing in several beautiful stone angel carvings and stained glass windows with its regular posts.

Look for the first one on December 2.

Meanwhile, this stained glass window is located in the Neptune Society Columbarium in San Francisco. If you get a chance to get over there, go on a sunny day as the whole place has several of these that cast wonderfully colored light all throughout the place.

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Thanksgiving posts

Family crypt_1

In keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving (and the sometimes challenging moments we all have when families get together), BTG will showcase some family plots over the following week for your enjoyment.

Let’s kick things off with photo of one of the many family crypts you can see down in New Orleans. Is that a standout marker or what?

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In honor of Veterans’ Day

Veterans Day

I’ve got a special appreciation for veterans, considering that so many of my family members served and came home safely (although we’re still waiting for one more to come home).

So, since November 11th is Veterans’ Day, BTG will spend the coming week showcasing some of the more interesting veteran stories discovered.

Hope you enjoy them.

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Odds and Ends: Tombstone soap


Here’s something to help ease the pain of those infamous, Day After Halloween clean ups.

Yes, believe it or not, there are companies out there that make and sell tombstone soap. You can get various shapes, sizes, and scents, including candy corn, bay rum, and even carrot cake.

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