Skip Spence

Skip Spence

Anyone remotely familiar with the music from the late 1960s, will remember Jefferson Airplane. Singer/songwriter Skip Spence was the drummer featured on their debut album, Jefferson Airplane Takes Off.

A brilliant artist hounded by mental illness and drug addictions, Skip eventually died of lung cancer in 1999, and is buried in Soquel Cemetery near Santa Cruz.

A more complete biography is here, as well as on the Jefferson Airplane website

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No posts today and Wednesday :(

Apologies, folks, but there will be no posts today or Wednesday thanks to an unexpected backlog of work on my desk. The BTG Facebook page is still in full swing, though, and I will have something for you on Friday and for Saturday.

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Stories from the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial

Today’s Sharing Saturday post is a video about all the items people leave at the Vietnam Memorial for friends and family members.

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Double child’s memorial

Walter and Senni

It’s always sad to see children’s memorials. This one is for Walter and Senni who died in 1894 and 1897, respectively. It’s hard to discern the parents names, but it looks like John and Ida Sarvela (spelling?)

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Now this is a properly cleaned headstone.

Hannah and Lyford

Whoever cleaned this headstone knew what he/she was doing. Simply gorgeous.

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Ada Dearborn


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June 29, 2015 · 05:30

Sharing Saturday: Alabama’s most unusual graves

Today’s Sharing Saturday post comes from, and focuses on the stories and the photos of some of the odder ducks out there in Alabama cemeteries. Enjoy!

Bizarre histories from 11 of Alabama’s most unusual graves

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