Quick symbol guide to headstones


Spring is almost here, and in anticipation of that glorious event, here’s a quick guide to some of the different religious symbols you may see on the various stones out there. Come to think of it, I believe I once spotted the symbol for the United Moravian Church somewhere and mistook it for a brotherhood symbol.

Happy Hunting.

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Tree of life, genealogy symbol, or both?

A Tree of Life carving

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March 13, 2015 · 05:30

No. Just, no.

Duct tape usefulness reason #832

Duct tape usefulness reason #832


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Individuality appears

Individuality appears

This little pocket of individuality in a sea of conforming military headstones, is located in San Francisco National Cemetery in the Presidio.

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Sharing Saturday: A (fun) genealogy rant

Anyone who’s ever tried to hunt down (excuse me, search out) their family histories will have run across these situations at one time or another. So without further delay, today’s Sharing Saturday post is a riff by Clue Wagon called Ancestor Hate Mail.



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Barcelona’s Roman past

At the height of its power, the Roman Empire ringed the Mediterranean, influencing any number of conquered peoples with its judicial, political and artistic achievements. Remnants of these influences, such as aqueducts, mosaics or protective walls, can still be seen throughout Europe and the U.K.

While the Romans may not have considered Barcelona, Spain, as important a site as say, Tarragon (a well-preserved portside city to the southeast), visitors can still see the interesting bits and pieces the empire left behind.

More specifically, are the tombs located in the city’s Barri Gotic section. Romans typically buried their dead in mausoleums or in a necropolis outside city walls, but as modern-day Barcelona expanded beyond its ancient boundaries, these relics of a distant past unexpectedly became an integral part of a contemporary neighborhood.

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Beyond repair…


Sometimes, stones are so worn, there’s nothing that can be done to restore them to their former glory.

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