Getting the government to do its fair share

Duct tape usefulness reason #832

Duct tape usefulness reason #832

Ok, I admit that headline’s a bit of a troll. However, I do believe that historic preservation societies/volunteers shouldn’t have to carry all the load when there are ways local government can get involved to help out.

After all, isn’t that what our tax dollars are supposed to do?

One example: Several years ago up in Washington State, King County kicked off its Historic Preservation Program that aimed to document just what was out there in the county, help brainstorm ideas for providing new stewards for the abandoned sites, and best of all, work to provide maintenance and restoration funds.  Here’s the first article: Lending a Helping Hand.

Here’s the second, follow-up article interviewing the King County Preservation Architect: Hands-On Preservation. While the article does not specifically deal with fundraising ideas, it highlights the fact that the County became so cognizant of the restoration problems, a Preservation Architect was appointed to help spearhead solutions.

Something for you to think about proposing at your next county government meeting.

Meanwhile, check back next week for more ideas. I’ve got 5 more posts worth of ideas to share with you.



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