Cemetery Fundraising Ideas Week kickoff

Flickr photo by borman818

Flickr photo by borman818

Considering last week’s response to cemetery fundraising, I decided to dig around to see what else people are doing to raise money for their historic/small town cemeteries. Turns out there are so many good projects and helpful hints, I decided to devote the next couple of weeks to “Cemetery Fundraising Ideas” on the BTG blog.

So in the words of Dame Julie Andrews from the Sound of Music, “Let’s start at the very beginning…a very good place to start.”

Article #1

Here’s a good general listing of short-term and long-term fundraising possibilities for cemetery boards/historical societies: Fundraising Ideas to Provide Perpetual Care in Small Cemeteries. Note: It’s a little long and has lots of stuff, so give yourself enough time to digest it.

Article #2

Ok, all well and good, but what if you’re nowhere near the point of having a historical society where members can take on the tasks outlined above? You know you want to preserve the historic cemetery, but how do you get from wanting to preserve it to a recognized society that can take this on?

Enter another long article, this one from the state of Oregon called: Historic Cemetery Long Range Planning. If this doesn’t get you started, nothing will.



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