The daily news feed on the BTG Facebook


Those of you on Facebook, come check out the BTG page because that’s where I run all the news articles about successful cemetery renovations, scandals (sorry to say), or interesting discoveries. Some of the previous articles posted include:

Why not just list those here, you ask?

The answer’s simple. There are so many great articles that I’d end up  spamming your email boxes with excess posts. I don’t like when I’m on the receiving end of these things, and in fact, I just finished a massive ‘unsubscribe’ campaign earlier this week to a couple of particularly annoying websites.

In short, it ticks me off when I get spammed so why should I do it to you?

So right now, this site is for interesting photos, occasional commentary, and sharing the work of other cemetery/genealogy bloggers out there who I think are marvelous. And by using Facebook as the news article medium, you get the option of stopping to look or scrolling past if it doesn’t poke your fancy.

No spam.

Although I will secretly admit to eating a fried egg and spam sandwich now and then. But that’s all I’m saying.




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