Broken stones and how to repair them

Broken headstones

Now that spring is finally in the air (multiple friends on the East Coast are now reporting crazed robin behavior), it’s time to begin thinking about possible stone repairs.

But before heading down to Home Depot for some cement mix, consider these factors: Proper and long lasting stone reconstruction of headstones depends a lot on the local climate. Is the environment humid? Pounded by scouring, dry desert winds? Or steadily worn away by damp, incessant drippy rain? Then there is the stone itself. Is it limestone? Sandstone? Granite?

Here are a couple of posts by Jonathan Appell to help you plan out the best way to restore the old stones in your historic cemeteries.

Broken Stones

Stone Infill

Enjoy, and if you want to show off the results of your repairs, shoot me an email with some photos. BTG would be happy to showcase your work.



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