The Book of Life #3 (and then some)

Book of Life

Now these people have some serious symbol carvings going on. Not only are there three books of life (open, signifying the life’s deeds open for judgment), but there are drapes partially covering two of the books. The draping signifies mourning.

Take a closer look at the center of the stones. The one of the left and the right show gates opening. Those are the gates of heaven opening to receive the departed soul. The one in the middle shows Christ carrying the cross to Golgotha. I haven’t seen this depicted anywhere else, and am not sure if there’s any additional meaning (a long life’s struggle?) or whether it should just be taken literally.

On the left stone, there’s an anchor. Anchors can either mean a Mason or strength in faith. Since Masons don’t allow women, I’d assume the meaning was the latter.

On the right stone, a dove is depicted, signifying the Holy Spirit.  There are also tiny, 5-pointed stars located above the beginning arching pillars. These represent the Star of Bethlehem.

The stones on the left and right are located in Fall City Cemetery, Fall City, WA. The stone in the middle is located in Crown Hill Cemetery in Seattle, WA.



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