The coffin and the eye


Many thanks to Susan Heiland, an avid contributor to Find-A-Grave, for providing this very interesting photo from one her rambles in the Fly Creek, NY cemetery.

What makes Abiah Sprague’s stone so unique is the coffin (symbolizing mortality and death) with a little sprig of something growing out of it. By golly, those Puritans didn’t mince graphics when it came to describing the shuffling off of our mortal coils.

Then there’s the eye in a sunburst, which is a Masonic symbol. Since women are not allowed to be Masons, it’s a bit of a mystery as to why it’s on her stone.


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  1. Jamie

    I was just at our family cemetery in Chatham, LA, and was working on finding my family’s link to the Choctaw nation. I happened to find the same Masonic eye on my great-great-great grandmother’s headstone. Her husband was a mason and had the typical G with the square and compass. On her grave, the eye was above beehive shaped buildings. I also have no idea why she would have a Masonic symbol though.

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