A Satisfied Woman

Um_ok_Abney Park

Or why writers should hang out more often in cemeteries.

Not only are cemeteries a great place to find awesome character names, they’re also unrivaled for providing plot twists. Take the above inscription, for example. So many questions immediately jump into focus when an inscription like this comes along, it’s almost like someone’s giving away a full-fledged novel plot, complete with outline and character backgrounds.

So when I put on my eccentric writer’s cap, here are the reasons I think Ms. Morley died ‘satisfied’.

  1. She offed her husband and died knowing she got away with it. (Can you tell what kind of book I’m writing?)
  2. She finally got two years of peace and quiet after her husband died. No extra cooking, cleaning, or laundry.
  3. She finally got to gad about with her girlfriends without running the risk of social ostracism. Although at that age, who cares anymore?
  4. She died last, ergo, she won the argument over which headstone to install.

What do you think?

Oh, and if you think I’m kidding about the passive aggressive part, check out this post from Thanksgiving week.


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