Rescuing the Poor Farm Cemetery one dowsing at a time

Eagle Scout

Three cheers for Adam Lehechka who’s taken on quite a daunting Eagle Scout project.

Not only will he be pulling weeds, fixing the surrounding fence, painting the entryway sign, and raising $2,500 for a state historical marker at the Poor Farm Cemetery near Grand Island, Nebraska,  he’s also going to locate and mark as many of the unmarked burial sites as possible.

Using copper dowser rods.

The land was originally purchased as a poor farm (where people could work for room and board) in 1879. Eleven years later, a portion of the property was turned into a cemetery with burials occurring there until 1919 in unmarked graves. The property has remained relatively vacant since then.

Hence, the dowsing rods.

Dowsing rods have been used for centuries to find anything from treasure to water and this case,  unmarked burial site.  Here’s how Lehechka finds the sites:

Lehechka holds the copper rods loosely while walking slowly across the cemetery ground. If the rods cross, a grave is found. If the right rod crosses over the left, the body buried there is male. If the left crosses over the right, the body there is female.”

It’s unknown at this time just how many graves are in  the Poor Cemetery, but I do hope Adam sticks with it to the end. This is a huge project that’s certainly worthy of the Eagle Scout badge.

Want to read more/donate to the project? Check out the full article here.

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