Snapshots: Woodmen of the World

Woodmen of the World examples

If you’ve ever wondered about all those stone tree stumps in the cemetery, wonder no more. You are in the presence of a Woodman of the World.

Woodmen of the World was (actually, still is) a privately held insurance company located in Nebraska. Prior to 1930, the company was best known for providing its members with a variety of tree stump-styled headstones, as seen above.

The headstones typically included carvings of the tools of the trade (an axe, maul, and a wedge). Some might also include a dove to represent peace or the Latin phrase, Dum Tacet Clamat (Though Silent, He Speaks).


Dum Tacet Clamat





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2 responses to “Snapshots: Woodmen of the World

  1. The nearly destroyed Comet Lodge Cemetery in Seattle has many Woodman of the World head stones, cenotaphs (they don’t mark gravesites).

    the city of Seattle bulled the stones on Nov 2, 1987.

  2. G.E. Anderson

    Comet Lodge is a very interesting site for many reasons. I wrote two posts way back when.

    Here’s the first one:

    And here’s the second:

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