Snapshots: The carriage driver

HG_Carriage Driver

BTG has cracked the 500 likes/email subscriber level! Thank you for all the like love and to celebrate, I’m pulling out one of my special photos from that fabulous place in London; Highgate.

Click the photo to see an enlarged version and then take a closer look at the carvings on the base of the headstone. Notice the horn and whip? Don’t forget to check out the first two stone posts in the foreground of the photo, either. That’s right; horseshoes.

Yup. This is the grave of one of those fancy, high-class carriage drivers for the London social classes. Pretty neat, huh? Almost makes you want to pop in a BBC special like the Bleak House series starring Gillian Anderson. By the way, the guy who plays the evil lawyer in it, carries the aura over to the new Dracula movie that’s now showing.

P.S. If BTG can hit the 750 and/or 1,000 mark (either for likes or email subscribers), I’ve got two other photos that are even more interesting than this.

Way more. 🙂


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