Places to see: Exploring the WWI cemeteries

WWI cemetery

Delville Wood Cemetery, Longueval, France

One hundred years ago  this past August, the royal families of Europe got into an argument–an argument so destructive, it ended up causing the deaths of millions and resulted in hundreds of cemeteries, both ornate and simple, across the Western Front.

Here is a fascinating video on how these cemeteries and memorial cenotaphs came about:


One British writer decided to visit a few of these places and detailed her findings in this terrific article.

“…Our group of 21, mainly middle-aged plus, included a father and his quiet, observant 14-year-old son who had a knack of finding fragments of weapons and ammunition. We visited battlefields, cemeteries, field stations, memorial parks, a magnificent museum and a clutch of quirky cafes, once houses close to the front line, now with an assortment of war memorabilia, often including trenches in the back garden. Our trip was moving, heart-rending, often shocking, sometimes light-hearted – but never depressing.”

The battlefields of the Western Front encompass a very large area, so if you’re planning a trip, make sure you figure out just where you want to go before making any reservations.

WWI Western Front

If you want to go, here are some possible tours to consider:


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